Andrew Feldstein

Bluemountain Capital Management LLC

Andrew Feldstein

Assets Under Management: $21 B
Net Worth: -
Age: -
Location: -
Education: Harvard Law School (J.D.)
Georgetown University (B.A.)

Andrew Feldstein: A Great Collaborator

Andrew Feldstein’s collaboration with his business partner is an impressive example of the power of two great minds working together.  Prior to co-founding Blue Mountain Capital Management LLC in 2003 with Stephen Siderow, Andrew Todd Feldstein spent over a decade at J.P. Morgan. There, he held multiple positions including managing director; head of structured credit; head of high-yield sales, trading and research; and head of their global credit portfolio.

Mr. Feldstein earned a J.D. from Harvard Law School and a B.A. from Georgetown University, Mr. Feldstein is now chair of the Blue Mountain’s management and investment committees and an integral member of the firm’s risk committee. Andrew also serves as a member of the board of directors of PNC Financial Services Group Inc.

Andrew Feldstein is also a trustee of Third Way, a think tank for public policy; trustee of the Santa Fe Institute, an independent research and education center; as well as a member of the Harvard Law School Leadership Council.

Andrew and his partner Stephen Siderow run Blue Mountain in New York as a diversified alternative asset manager and use a multi-pronged approach to find opportunities stemming from artificial investor segmentation, behavioral biases, and idiosyncratic events.  Having over a decade of experience and an impressive $21 billion in assets under management, Blue Mountain works with roughly 240 global professionals to generate generous returns independent of macro outcomes and without “calling the market.”

By utilizing both technology and human judgment, Blue Mountain analyzes opportunities for more than 10,000 investments everyday.  In addition, Blue Mountain utilizes a team of 30 research and sector specialists to pursue a wide variety of potential investment opportunities.

Andrew Feldstein and his partner Stephen Siderow have created an impressive partnership, boasting significant financial returns and admiration from their colleagues. With Blue Mountain’s success, Mr. Feldstein and Mr. Siderow epitomize what a successful partnership can accomplish.


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