Daniel S. Loeb

Third Point LLC

Daniel S. Loeb

Company: Third Point LLC
Assets Under Management: $18 B
Net Worth: $3.1 B
Age: 56
Location: New York, NY
Education: Columbia University (A.B. - Economics)

Daniel S. Loeb: Much Experience, Much Accomplished

For highly accomplished individuals, there’s more to life than financial pursuits. Great stature is obtained, and maintained, through a long career of lasting value and dedication to issues that matter.

This is exemplified in the life and work of Daniel S. Loeb, Chief Executive Officer of Third Point LLC, a New York City-based, SEC-registered investment adviser. Mr. Loeb founded Third Point in 1995, and he continues to oversee the firm’s investment activity.  As CEO, Daniel leads portfolio management and research activities; under his leadership, Third Point has generated a net annualized return of 19% since 1995 for its investors.

A unique advisory service, Third Point focuses on event-driven, value-oriented investing. The firm employs a flexible yet opportunistic investment style; they seek to unlock value by identifying situations with a recognizable catalyst.  Now an $18 billion asset management firm, Third Point LLC includes Third Point Ventures, the firm’ emerging technology investment arm.   Third Point Ventures pursues enterprise, fintech, mobile and healthcare innovation with hands-on investments in young companies created by exceptional entrepreneurs.

Daniel S. Loeb’s three decades in the financial markets encompass a broad range of experience, but with a particular emphasis on special-situation equities, distressed debt and risk arbitrage.

This experience has served Daniel well as he created shareholder value as well as a guiding vision for multiple firms throughout the years.

Having graduated from Columbia University with an A.B. in economics in 1983, Daniel S. Loeb started his career as an associate in private equity and venture capital at Warburg Pincus before moving on to serve as a risk arbitrage analyst at Lafer Equity Investors.  Next, Mr. Loeb was a Senior Vice-President in the distressed debt department at Jefferies & Company; in this capacity Daniel worked as an analyst, bank loan trader, and bond salesman.  Then, prior to founding Third Point, Daniel served as the Vice-President of high-yield bond sales at Citigroup.

While providing ongoing value to the aforementioned firms and their clients, Daniel S. Loeb has also served on five publicly-traded company boards over the past fifteen years.  These include Ligand Pharmaceuticals, POGO Producing Company, Massey Energy, Yahoo!, and Sotheby’s, where he is currently a board member.

Even with all of this, Daniel S. Loeb still manages to devote his time and effort to multiple philanthropic interests.  These revolve around social justice, economic opportunity, and human rights, with a particular focus on expanding educational opportunity, improving America’s criminal justice system, and advancing freedom for LGBT individuals in the U.S. and around the world.

As part of these endeavors, Mr. Loeb serves as Chairman of the Board of Success Academy Charter Schools, which is known as America’s highest-performing public charter school network.  Additionally, Daniel supports a number of medical research initiatives, including the Ronald M. Loeb Center for Alzheimer’s Disease at Mount Sinai Health System in New York City, and he is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.

Without a doubt, Daniel S. Loeb has provided tremendous value for innumerable clients over the years.  Equally important, however, is his willingness to go above and beyond, both inside and outside of the domain of finance.


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