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Klaus Jäntti: Choosing Steady Performance over Hype

Finnish-born Klaus Jäntti is best known for having served as the Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director at $14.5 billion Nordic hedge fund manager Brummer & Partners AB from 1999 to 2017; he was also a founding member of the Hedge Fund Standards Board during this time.

Known for his focus on reliability and secure, steady fund growth, Klaus Jäntti placed strong emphasis on a policy of steady, measured, organic growth during his time with Brummer & Partners.  Under Mr. Jäntti’s leadership, the fund’s growth was based on a variety of strategies that were minimally correlated to each other.  Amazingly, the highest correlation between any two funds at Brummer & Partners was a mere 0.5% – a remarkable achievement in terms of hedging against market volatility.

In this vein, Klaus Jäntti once remarked while with Brummer & Partners, “A good year for us is when we deliver good performance, not when we rake in assets. So it’s important that the firm retains a focus on portfolio management performance rather than asset-gathering.”  Clearly, Mr. Jäntti’s vision is that of a true portfolio manager, as opposed to a chaser of yield.  

Along with Brummer & Partners founder Patrik Brummer, Klaus Jäntti achieved tremendous success in building a dynamic firm, and he proved instrumental in helping the company acquire a reputation for creating innovative financial products.  Never content to rest on his laurels, Klaus insisted on a vision of constant growth and evolution at Brummer & Partners: “We need to constantly ensure that our individual management teams can reinvent themselves and stay focused on performance.”

From 1984 to 1986, Mr. Jäntti was a Money Market Trader at Industrialiseringsfonden i Finland AB and, from 1987 to 1989, Klaus was employed at Penningmäklarna AB in Finland.  Next, from 1990 to 1992 Klaus Jäntti served as the Head of Money Market and Bond Market Trading at Föreningsbanken i Finland AB.

Continuing to further his stature in the financial community, from 1992 to 1996 Klaus Jäntti was the Founder and Managing Director at Evli Penningmarknad AB, which was the first private fund management company to be appointed an authorized market maker of benchmark government bonds by the Finnish State Treasury; later, Evli became one of the leading investment banks in the Russian mergers and acquisitions market.

Klaus Jäntti has also served as the Chairman of Lynx Asset Management AB, one of the world’s leading firms in model-based asset management, as well as the Chairman of Nektar Asset Management Ltd., a Sweden-based macro and fixed income relative value hedge fund with offices in Stockholm, London and Singapore, which currently has $3.5 billion of assets under management.

Firms and clients have relied on Klaus Jäntti to choose reliable performance over flash and hype for many years.  Future developments in Mr. Jäntti’s life and career will assuredly solidify his reputation as an exemplary steward of financial assets.


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