Lars Förberg

Cevian Capital II GP LTD

Lars Förberg

Assets Under Management: $15 B
Net Worth: $2.6 B
Age: -
Location: Sweden
Education: University of Michigan

Lars Förberg: Earning his Place

Lars Förberg and his long-standing business associate Christer Gardell have created lasting value for many clients over the years. Mr. Förberg first met Mr. Gardell in 1992 when Christer was working for McKinsey & Co.  Years later, Christer was working as a consultant with large private equity houses in Scandinavia. At that time, Lars who was at Nordic Capital, teamed up with Christer Gardell.

Förberg and Gardell worked on a variety of investment opportunities together, but there were greater collaborative opportunities on the horizon. Eventually, Christer Gardell became a Partner at Nordic Capital, where Lars Förberg was working at that time.

Shortly after that, Christer Gardell was made CEO at Swedish investment firm AB Custos.  Christer seeking a new CIO for AB Custos, and he knew that Lars Förberg had the dedication, creativity, and sound judgment he needed; he brought Lars on as part of the team, and they are still working together to this day.

In 2002 Mr. Förberg and Mr. Gardell founded Cevian Capital, and they intended to build an operational activist fund with with greater influence and control which many activist funds lacked.  It’s an in-depth process: before investing, Cevian Capital will usually spend over six months working on a company to ensure it is a good fit.

Today, Cevian Capital manages over 13 billion Euros (around USD$14.9 billion). Cevian Capital is backed by legendary investor Carl Icahn and is currently the largest activist investment firm in Europe.  Having started  Cevian Capital over 15 years ago, Mr. Förberg and Mr. Gardell run their firm with the same enthusiastic spirit of activism.

Lars Förberg has achieved extraordinary results with his long-standing business partner Christer Gardell; working together, they have earned their place among the pantheon of whales.


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