Ole Andreas Halvorsen

Viking Global Investors LP

Ole Andreas Halvorsen

Assets Under Management: $26 B
Net Worth: $3.7 B
Age: 57
Location: Connecticut
Education: Norwegian Naval Academy
Williams College
Stanford Graduate School of Business (M.B.A.)

Ole Andreas Halvorsen: From Norway to Wall Street

It’s a long journey to Wall Street for some legendary investors.  Not many, though, can claim as long a journey as one particular Scandinavian hedge-fund manager. 

Ole Andreas Halvorsen, also known simply as Andreas Halvorsen, has been the CEO and co-founder of Viking Global Investors since 1999.  Viking Global Investors, which has offices in Connecticut, New York, Hong Kong, London, and San Francisco, currently manages $26 billion in assets and returned an astonishing 89% after fees in its first full year in business.

Born in Norway in 1961 and currently based in Connecticut, Ole Andreas Halvorsen graduated from Williams College in 1986 and received his M.B.A. from the Stanford Graduate School of Business in 1990.  After graduation, he began his investment career with Morgan Stanley, where Andreas worked on mergers and acquisitions. In 1992, Mr. Halvorson joined Tiger Management Corporation, which was run by renowned hedge-fund manager Julian Robertson.  Andreas served on Tiger Management Corporation’s advisory board and on the supervisory board of the firm’s largest fund.

Mr. Halvorsen left in 1999 and took two other Tiger Management Corporation fund managers, David Ott and Brian Olson, with him to start Viking Global Investors.  His analysts at the firm cover around 75% of the world’s stocks that average at least $50 million a day in trading volume.  With a focus on technology, retail, and pharmaceutical stocks, Andreas’ firm has held large positions in such companies as Google, Apple, Facebook, and JD.com.

Viking Global Investors and Ole Andreas Halvorsen employ an investment approach that can best be described as research-intensive and focused on the long term.  They use fundamental analysis to select investments, primarily public and private equity interests, across multiple industries and geographies.  Under the leadership of Andreas Halvorsen, Viking Global Investors selects stock positions based on a thorough assessment of their business models and fundamentals, the quality of their management teams, as well as cyclical and secular industry trends.

Regarding his philosophy of investing, Ole Andreas Halvorsen prefers to start by looking at industries and sectors, and talking to competitors, suppliers, and so on.  Mr. Halvorsen also talks with management to get their take on the competitive dynamics of the industry.  In Andreas’ estimation, good management teams are extremely underappreciated in their ability to take market share – and poor management teams are underappreciated in that they can destroy things quicker than you think.

Now personally worth $3.7 billion, Ole Andreas Halvorsen is married with three children and uses a significant portion of his wealth to support causes he believes in.  To that end, Mr. Halvorsen is a trustee of the Halvorsen Family Foundation and the Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute.

From Tiger Management cub to world-class fund manager, Mr. Halvorsen has endured and thrived, all the while outshining and outclassing his peers.  It really is true: both geographically and personally, Ole Andreas Halvorsen’s journey to Wall Street has been nothing less than epic.


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