Philip Thomas Gross

Adage Capital Partners GP L.L.C.

Philip Thomas Gross

Assets Under Management: -
Net Worth: $1.8 B
Age: -
Location: Boston. MA
Education: University of Wisconsin - Madison (BS - Science and Investments)

Phillip Thomas Gross -Asset Manager Extraordinaire

Asset management is a profession with huge responsibilities, but the rewards can be tremendous for those who prove themselves.  A case in point would be asset management par excellence Phillip Thomas Gross, who has amassed a net worth of over $1.8 billion through sheer talent, consistent performance for his clients, and decades of unwavering dedication.

Mr. Phillip Thomas Gross, who also goes by the nickname Phill, has been a Co-founder, Managing Director, and Portfolio Manager at Adage Capital Management, L.P., since 2001. Thomas founded Adage, a Boston-based firm which manages S&P 500 assets mainly for endowment and foundation clients, with Robert Atchinson.

At Adage, Phillip Thomas Gross oversees a team of portfolio managers who use fundamentals-based, intra-industry investment approaches to achieve clients’ investment objectives.  In addition to his managerial responsibilities, Mr. Gross manages the healthcare portfolios at Adage.

Mr. Gross earned a Bachelor of Science in Finance and Investments from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1982, and subsequently acquired his M.S. in 1983.  

Previously a member of the University of Wisconsin Foundation Board of Directors, Phillip Thomas Gross is now a member of multiple boards and councils, including the Steve Hawk Center for Applied Securities Analysis Advisory Board, the Nicolas Center for Applied Corporate Finance Advisory Board at Wisconsin, and the Shelter, Inc. Strategic Advisory Council.  In 2006, Mr. Gross received the Distinguished Alumnus Award from the University of Wisconsin Business School.

Before co-founding Adage Capital Management, for 18 years Phillip Thomas Gross was a Healthcare and Retail Analyst, Equity Research Director, and Partner at the Harvard Management Co., Inc.

On average, Phillip Thomas Gross’ and Robert Atchinson’s team at the Harvard Management Company annually outperformed the S&P 500 by 4.5% – an extraordinary long-term track record.  Harvard Management Company held a minority interest in Adage Capital Management and hired the firm to manage $1.8 billion.

Besides being a world-class asset manager, Mr. Gross excels in the area of philanthropy.  Phillip Thomas Gross is a founder and treasurer of Strategic Grant Partners, a consortium of family foundations that is working to affect systemic change in the areas of education and family services in Massachusetts. Phill is also Vice-President of the Board of Directors of Youth Enrichment Services at Youth Enrichment Services, a Boston-based agency that engages urban kids in outdoor activities such a skiing, hiking, and track.

In addition, Mr. Gross is a member of the United States Skiing and Snowboard Association Board of Trustees and Vice-chair of their Investment Committee.  Plus, Phill is a member of the T2 Foundation Board of Directors, the Board of Fellows for the Harvard Medical School and is a Trustee of the Dana Farber Cancer Institute.

Mr. Gross currently resides in Concord, Massachusetts, with his wife, Liz.  They have four children: Kelly, Anna, Jessica, and Thomas.

It’s easy to see why Phillip Thomas Gross is a distinguished and highly respected asset manager, but Mr. Gross’ achievements as a philanthropist are just as noteworthy.  Not your typical financial “whale,” the man some call Phill is making his mark in multiple endeavors and is indubitably an asset to his clients as well as the community at large.


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